Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Are local newspapers worth saving?

Most HoldtheFrontPage readers would say yes, of course. But here's an opposing view from the Guardian columnist George Monbiot.


Anonymous said...

Isn't what George Monbiot is doing - using a specific example to make a general point - itself an example of lazy journalism? In contrast, he cites an example of good practice unearthed by Roy Greenslade, but does not use this to say that local newspapers are brilliant. That is, of course, because to make such a case on that basis would be foolish. Synecdoche indeed.

Anonymous said...

I have to applaud Mr Monbiot for managing to avoid mention of the fact that his newspapaer has - for decades now - pillaged the profits of local newspapers in Greater Manchester to service the debts accrued by abysmal management and The Guardian's miniscule circulation.
As a result of this policy by The Guardian reporters on those newspapers suffered low wages and staffing levels that would send Mr Rusbridger's chauffeur pool onto the streets behind their braziers.
Over the past four years all their offices were closed and the staff left after a series of swingeing cuts transferred to Manchester - in spite of the fact that they still made a profit.
All to service the piss-poor national newspapers in their group.
Trinity Mirror followed a similar slash and burn policy so the reason that local newspapers are in decline is that they have had to service the needs of prats such as Mr Monbiot for so long that they no longer exist.
Next year, when the Guardian posts yet more record breaking losses - will have to look elsewhere for its methadone as it has killed the supplier of the real thing.