Thursday, 15 October 2009

Horrocks departs without fanfare

The announcement last month that Paul Horrocks was leaving after 12 years as editor of the Manchester Evening News was predictably one of our biggest stories of recent months, although interestingly, it got fewer page views on HTFP than our tale about the departure the MEN's last staff photographer, Mark Waugh, and only a few more than the one about assistant editor Robert Ridley quitting to become a driving instructor.

At the time of the announcement, no date was given for Mr Horrocks' actual departure, with the MEN Media press office merely saying it would be "some time in October" and promising to let us know more nearer the time.

As it happened, that time came and went without any further word on the matter. After receiving an out-of-office message from Paul this morning, we checked back with the press office who confirmed that in fact he left on Friday.

Doesn't it all seem a tad low-key for someone who has been such a high-profile figure in the industry over the past decade?

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