Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Are the British obsessed with potholes?

Leicester Mercury editor Keith Perch penned an interesting counterblast a week or so back on the subject of potholes and why we in the UK are so "obsessed" with them.

Keith had been holidaying in Italy (lucky beggar) and noticed that while the state of the roads there was markely worse than in Britain, this at least had the effect of making people drive at slower and safer speeds.

"It made me wonder why we are so obsessed with potholes in this country. Every year, the Mercury runs stories about residents complaining about the state of the road where they live, councils run hotlines to allow potholes to be reported and, if memory serves me right, Leicestershire County Council proudly attempts to fix all potholes within 24 hours of them appearing," he wrote.

"But why? What is the real problem with potholes? Wouldn't the cash be better spent elsewhere?"

Keith may like to check out a new satirical blog which has come to our notice entitled Glum Councillors.

It features local newspaper pictures of councillors looking glum while inspecting - you've guessed it - potholes.

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