Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Slow mews day in Lichfield?

We've had the one about the town that ran out of custard (see previous post) - now here's the one about the dead moggie that united a Midlands cathedral town in grief.

Well, it is July after all.....


Philip John said...

Surprising to me... our inbox is full of stories waiting to be written (I just need to find the time/contributors)!

Phil @ The Lichfield Blog

Anonymous said...

The fact that a dead cat of no particular note makes the top of a website's news page simply illustrates the depth to which Northcliffe in the Midlands has plunged since axing dozens of staff and butchering once-proud local newspapers earlier this year. The company continually trumpets its embracement of the digital age yet puts fewer and fewer resources into any of its media at grass roots, and has actually axed several sections of the Lichfield website in question because they simply hadn't been updated or had anything filed to them since the massive reductions in staffing at the end of March.