Saturday, 13 June 2009

Queen snubs regional press

The twice-yearly honours lists published on the Queen's birthday and New Year's Eve can usually be relied upon to yield a good story for HTFP, with regional press figures regularly featuring among the recipients.

In the New Year's Honours List two years ago the Press Association's former northern editor Peter Beal was awarded an MBE while 12 months later Shrewsbury Chronicle editor John Butterworth was awarded the same honour.

Other notable recent winners include CN Group chief executive Robin Burgess who received an OBE and Press Association executive chairman Paul Potts who was awarded a CBE.

All four gentlemen received their honours for their services to the practice of journalism and in the case of John and Robin, their services to the wider community.

But this year's Queen's Birthday Honours list, announced today, is a rather different kettle of fish. The local and national press appears to have been largely ignored.

In the list we found the odd media type - former managing editor of Budapest Sun Robin Marshall and broadcaster and half-time microphone abuser Delia Smith - but no-one from local or regional newspapers.

Is it simply the case that local and regional press editors and MDs have too much on their plate at the moment to bother about getting themselves nominated for honours?

Or is it that, these days, the industry just doesn't have enough friends in high places?

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